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Saw of Olympus von HI-LO & Reinier Zonneveld

Bei einer der zahlreichen Studio-Sessions haben Reinier Zonneveld und Oliver Heldens aka HI-LO die kraftvolle Single Saw of Olympus produziert. Das Peaktime-Monster überrascht mit einer hervorragenden Melodie, welche sich langsam um wilden Acid und dem deftigen Bass wickelt.

„Over the last few years I’ve become a big fan of Reinier’s productions, his style and his label Filth on Acid, so a few months ago I sent him a couple of new HI-LO ideas that I was working on and he was really into them, so he invited me to his studio to work on some of these together. In the studio we were a really good match, it was very inspiring for the both of us, and I definitely learned a lot from him. We ended up doing multiple studio sessions and we are working on a few different tracks together now which I’m really excited about! This new track ‘Saw of Olympus’ is the first one that we finished. We called it ‘Saw of Olympus’, because the track has a very distinctive Saw synth, a real “Saw of the Gods”, continuing the Greek god theme of my latest HI-LO releases Athena, Kronos, Zeus and Poseidon. Hope you like it :)“ – Oliver Heldens

Saw of Olympus by HI-LO and Reinier Zonneveld

Label: Filth on Acid | FOA092
Release: 02.04.2021
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  • Saw of Olympus (Original Mix) – HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld

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Quelle: Filth on Acid