Moog: The Ladder

Nach dem erfolgreichem Luch des Animoog für das iPad folgt mit dem The Ladder ein dynamischer Hardware Filter welcher auf den originalen Ladder-Filter von Moog aufbaut. Dabei ist Moog: The Ladder der erste der neuen 500er Modul-Serie, das Klangbild soll dabei von klassischer Moog-Filterung bis zur modernen reichen. Mit einem Switch kömnnt ihr dabei einfach zwischen Hochpass- & Tiefpass-Filter umschalten und vieles mehr… Erhältlich ist The Ladder für ca. $849 ab Dezember 2011.


  • Low Pass and High Pass: The Ladder has inherited the smoothest all analog filter section possible. Choose between LP and HP at the flick of a switch.
  • Cutoff: Simply adjust this knob to determine where The Ladder begins to sculpt the sound.
  • Attack and Release: These variable controls allow you to perfectly dial in the timing behavior of The Ladder’s envelope section. Use them to open and close the envelope as fast as lightning, or slow as molasses.
  • Amount: Use in Positive or Negative mode for mild to extreme sound shaping and manipulation. The amount determines how much signal is sent to the envelope section of The Ladder. From slight timbral excitement and voicing to extreme compression-like behavior and even reversed filtering is achievable.
  • Resonance: Controls the amount of harmonic bump at the cutoff frequency. This is the voice of The Ladder. Create sweet, dynamic or extreme speech like behavior and beyond. Accentuate specific frequencies to excite a sound or create completely new and unique ones.
  • NOTE: The Ladder’s Resonance control can push the unit into self-oscillation. This can be used for effect if desired.
  • 2Pole/4Pole: Select how aggressive the filter slope is. 2 pole is equal to 12db per octave, which is smooth and sweet, while 4 pole is 24db per octave, which is hard, aggressive and most similar to a Classic Moog filter.
  • Bypass: Totally transparent relay bypass for routing and A/B comparison