Serato Itch 1.5 – Future Control for DJs in neuer Version

Die beliebte DJ Software ITCH aus dem Hause Serato hat soeben den Sprung auf die Version 1.5 geschafft. Der Download steht direkt bei zur Verfügung und ist freilich kostenlos. Das Update ist vorerst nur für Vestax VCI-300 und Numark NS7, eine Unterstützung für Allen & Heath Xone:DX kommt demnächst. Übrigens sollen die Arbeiten an Itch 2.0 bereits begonnen haben und wir hoffen auf eine Unterstützung von Video-SL. Außerdem soll demnächst auch Scratch Live 2.0 erscheinen…

Support for the following OS:

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Support for Apple Lossless files

Apple Lossless is an audio codec developed by Apple for lossless data compression of audio files

Bug Fixes for all ITCH hardware

* Improved the auto BPM algorithm to be more accurate in some cases.
* Fixed possible crash for WAV and OGG files.
* Fixed iTunes library showing up thrice on Snow Leopard.
* Fixed iTunes 9 root folder and library not showing on import.
* Fixed looping display to show auto-loop value when no manual loop is active (VCI-300 and DN-HC5000 only).
* Improvements to subcrate expand/collapse code which should hopefully reduce gui lags that occur when expanding/collapsing crates.
* Fix for bug where halving a loop and then doubling the loop to it’s original size would result in a loop of the wrong length.
* Improved History load and save times, and reduced memory usage. History sessions are now loaded on demand. Note: Because of this your history sessions will appear empty in previous versions of ITCH and versions of Scratch Live earlier than 1.9.2.
* Fix a crash where users with path names too long could lead to a crash,
* Fixed bug where if both decks were in continuous play mode, then continuous play would not work.
* Fixed min screen res warning on windows to say ITCH instead of Scratch Live.
* Fixed bug where you couldn’t record a .wav file past 3 hours.
* Fixed songs drifting when in instant doubles in some cases
* Improved deck information text rendering on minimum screen res (1024×768)
* Fixed history algorithm to use ‚added to mix‘ algorithm for the Numark NS7 + Vestax VCI-300 and the ‚A-B‘ algorithm for the HC5000 (ITCH was doing a weird mix of both)
* Fixed hole in the history algorithm where playing then pausing a track with the faders closed would cause the track to be incorrectly marked as played when the faders were opened (even though the track is no longer playing)
* Fix for crash when switching Show iTunes library option
* Fixed crash on exit when recording is left running
* Fixed undesired behaviour where the offline player playback gain affects master gain when in connected mode
* Fixed offline player not connecting to the default sound card on Mac OS 10.6 when a controller is disconnected.
* Fixed crash when analyzing files
* Fixed bug where parent crates could have their subcrates tracks in them on start up
* Fixed bug where opening the files panel while on the setup screen would cause the files panel to be drawn on the setup screen
* Phantom playhead is reset when loop roll is initialised the first time even when auto-loop was previously on (so the playhead doesn’t end up jumping a million miles into the future)
* Fixed a bug where BPM analyzer sometimes comes out with -1 as the bpm
* Fixed offline player possibly clipping
* Fix for bug where iTunes tracks won’t show up when they have a lower case drive letter in the iTunes xml file
* Fixed search box not able to search by key, and also only being able to search by year if „search by key“ is selected.
* Fixed a possible crash when using looping section.
* Fixed ITCH not being able to analyze songs in all subcrates when dragging a parent crate onto the „ANALYZE“ files button.
* Fixed ITCH corrupting .M4A files when adding/deleting non-English characters to tags
* Fixed brightness of song overviews broken in ITCH 1.1, where the overviews decreased in brightness, and in some cases in size.
* Added low quality Whitelabel preview indicator to offline player.

and much more…