iSyn Poly – DAW für das iPad

Mit iSyn Poly von VirSyn erwartet uns eine weitere Digital Audio Workstation für das Apple iPad, das kleine virtuelle Studio bringt euch drei voll programmierbare virtuell Analog-Synthesizer, eine Drum Machine sowie einen Step-Sequencer. Erhältlich ist die DAW für 7,99 € im iTunes App Store.


  • Three oscillators with sawtooth, pulse, triangle and sine waves. Modulations routings: LFO->pitch, filter ADSR->cutoff, LFO->pulse width.
  • White/Pink noise generator.
  • Classic 24 dB/oct  ladder-style lowpass filter with drive parameter. Modulations routings:  LFO->Cutoff, Filter ADSR->Cutoff, Velocity sensitivity with external keyboard.
  • Amp section includes distortion with drive, asymmetry and crusher (bit reducer) parameters.
  • Control matrix allows real time control of five parameters using the X/Y touch pad, the modulation wheel of an external keyboard and the tilt sensors of the iPad.
  • Arpeggiator for automated sequences.
  • 64 factory presets, unlimited user presets can be shared.

Drum Machine

  • Eight simultaneous instruments arranged into eight user-selectable drum kits.
  • Editor page allows tuning, panning, level and decay time for individual instruments.

Effects Section

  • iSyn Poly features one global effects unit with phaser, flanger, chorus and stereo/cross delay.
  • Effects amount is individually settable for each of the synths and drum machine.


  • Play melodies live with onscreen keyboard/drum pads. Drag fingers for slides and vibrato.
  • Optionally use CoreMIDI* compatible hardware keyboard.

Full featured Sequencer

  • Four track sequencer with piano roll and automation editor.
  • Record what you play live with the onscreen keyboard/drum pads or using an external CoreMIDI compatible keyboard.
  • Real time quantize function and metronome for recording.
  • Arrange your songs with variable length patterns ( 1 – 99 bars ). Move and copy/paste patterns.
  • Recording and playback of X/Y Pad movements, modulation wheel, pitch bend and key velocity.
  • Full set of editing functions with unlimited undo.
  • Modeless gesture optimized editing.


  • Manage unlimited number of songs.
  • Render song or patterns to audio and midi files.
  • Audio pasteboard. Copy audio recordings to Clipboard for use with other Apps (e.g. Intua BeatMaker and many others)
  • Exchange songs and user presets with File Sharing in iTunes.