Beta für die Brücke zwischen Serato und Ableton

Im Januar haben wir bereits über die Kooperation zwischen Serato und Ableton berichtet, nun sind die beiden Unternehmen soweit das ‚The Bridge‘ in die Beta kommt. Freiwillige dürfen sich zur Testphase bewerben unter Die Final Version von The Bridge soll noch dieses Jahr kostenlos erscheinen…

Ableton >> Serato
The Bridge provides Ableton Transport Control (ATC), giving you control of your own multitrack productions with a turntable, CDJ or ITCH controller. Drag an Ableton Live set onto one of the decks in Scratch Live or ITCH. Scratch Live or ITCH provides deck control, mixing, nudging and DJ style looping; Ableton Live lets you remix multitrack files, mute/solo tracks, use virtual instruments, change drum patterns, manipulate audio, tweak effects and launch loops in real time.
Serato >> Ableton
The Bridge gives you the ultimate mixtape creation tool. Perform your mix in Scratch Live or ITCH and save it as an automated Ableton Live Set. Play your mix rather than cut and paste in a DAW. Forget about having to start a mixtape from scratch because of a mistake at minute fifty-nine. Each song is recorded and laid out on a track in Live separately, and any moves you’ve made with your hardware are recorded along with the track. Edit, add beat synced loops and virtual instruments, stretch, chop and manipulate your mix as required – with Ableton Live’s production tools at your fingertips.