ValhallaÜberMod – Hammer Delay-PlugIn für PC & Mac

Die Softwareschmiede Valhalla DSP hat ja schon einige geile PlugIn’s auf Lager, mit dem ValhallaÜberMod legen Sie jetzt noch einmal kräftig nach und bringen ein Multitap Delay & Modulatios PlugIn. Dank des modulierbaren Delay könnt ihr den Sound schön zerlegen, egal ob in alter Tape-Echo-Manier oder mit diversen On-Board Effekten. Erhältlich ist ValhallaÜberMod z.Z für rund 50$ als Download direkt bei – erhältlich ist das Plugin für Mac OSX (AU/AU64/VST/VST64 RTAS) und Windows (VST32/VST64/RTAS).

Feature List:

  • True stereo signal path, for maintaining the spatial image of stereo inputs.
  • Delay times that can be synced to tempo, to create modulated delays and nonlinear reverbs at specific beat rates
  • Unique WIDTH control, that varies the spatial image from mono to stereo to “super-stereo”
  • Separate parameters for the detune and vibrato oscillators, to have high level control of up to 32 independent LFOs
  • OverMod control, to turn up modulation depth beyond the bounds of sanity
  • A high level DEPTH parameter, for quick adjustments to the overall chorus modulation amount.
  • A large number of chorus tap modes (2/4/6/8/16/32 Taps, Dual Ensemble, 16Phase) for dialing in specific chorus, ensemble, and nonlinear reverb sounds
  • Diffusion section (with adjustable amount, size, mod width and mod depth) for creating delays that smear over time, diffusion choruses, and modulated reverbs
  • Drive section (with pregain, postgain, and noise gain) for emulating tape saturation & analog delays
  • Taps menu, for adjusting the spacing, slope, left/right skew, and randomization of the output taps
  • A simple yet powerful EQ section, for rolling off the high and low frequencies, and switching between bright and dark color modes.
  • SPEED control, to double the delay time and drop the pitch of the signal within the delay buffers.
  • All parameter changes are smoothed to avoid clicks, and to generate tape echo-esque effects. The smoothing time can be adjusted to create a variety of swishing, whooshing boing sounds.
  • Resizable GUI influenced by NASA Human Interface specifications & Swiss School of graphic design. Minimalist GUI, Maximalist Sound.™
  • High level controls have dedicated sliders, while the “tweakier” controls are selected via their own panels
  • Cross platform/DAW preset mechanism, that allows presets to be easily exchanged with other ÜberMod users via text based copy and paste.