Richly Hawtin und die Mode

Nicht nur als DJ, Producer und Labelchef macht sich Richly Hawtin einen guten Namen, einen Teil seiner kreativen Energie steckt er auch in andere Projekte und so versucht sich der Wahlberliner auch als Modedesigner. Inspiriert von japanischen Kultur und Design erwarten euch fesche Shirt’s, Taschen und auch Kleider. Erhältlich ist die Frühling und Sommer Kollektion direkt unter

Music permeates every aspect of our lives, guiding our thoughts, but its presence remains essentially invisible while fashion has always been one of the most visible ways of expressing our identity and allegiances. Perhaps now more than ever as music sheds its skin and evaporates into the digital ether, it needs something tangible, something physical to keep hold of. The Richly.Hawtin clothing line offers just that by exploring the principles of minimalist design – where fashion and music overlap. Richly.Hawtin was established in Tokyo in 2008 by Richie Hawtin and Isolde Richly. Inspired by their shared love of Japanese culture and design and the harmony found within, Richly.Hawtin is a sensitive balance of strong lines and subtle colour variations. The origin of the project stretches back 6 years to a chance meeting at Club d’Visionaire in Berlin where their mutual fascination with Japan quickly developed into a special friendship. In 2007, after studying fashion design in Berlin and graduating with distinction, Isolde Richly moved to Japan to realise her dream. Hawtin’s globetrotting DJ schedule meant their paths still regularly crossed, but against the highly charged backdrop of Tokyo their brainstorming crystallised into something far more potent and a formal partnership emerged to explore the common ground of their creative minds. Richly sheds some light on where their tastes merge by highlighting a specific influence on their collaboration; „One thing which was in both our hearts was a photo book by Michael Kenna about Japanese landscapes – All in grey tones.. snow.. a calm sea.. one tree – pictures that reflected an amazing stillness and the magical beauty of nature and it’s this beauty we’ve tried to capture and convert into clothes.“ With a limited run of 100 T-shirts, designed and manufactured in Japan, Richie Hawtin and Isolde Richly proudly launched their fashion line at the Apartment store in Berlin…

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  1. Michael Kenna

    Hi, Sorry, I don’t speak German! Somebody just sent me this link. I’ve never before inspired clothing as far as i know. A complete first. I am very proud and honoured. THANK YOU!!! All the very best to you and good luck with your endeavors.
    Michael Kenna

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